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2 Nov., 2017

Joe Libetti, found this momument to a B-25 Crew that crashed during a training flight on May 7, 1944.  Maybe someone remembers it if and you can furnish more information, please send it in and it will be posted here.

7 Feb.,  2017

I just received this from John.

Sorry to tell you all that Dad passed on today.  He went on his last flight.....and if you remember the poem "High Flight"..... he reached out and touched the face of God.

Condolences may be sent to : 

John Mallard

26 Jan., 2016

This is to inform you that my dad, Harry Chused, a member of the 345th Group and 500th Squadron, died on November 23, 2015 at age 94, surrounded by his family.
David Chused

11 Aug., 2015

This just in from T.O. Epps:

I wanted you to know that my Dad Tal Epps is now at the Coatesville Veterans Administration Hospice care unit. He had a major stroke on 7/25 that paralyzed the left side of his body and also took away his ability to swallow. He has been a warrior through this ordeal, but he is running out of gas and losing  altitude. Prayer for Dad are so very welcome. All the best to you and the group. T.O.

8 Feb., 2014

Kelly does it again!!

I viewed a YouTube video you would all enjoy. If you are already aware, please disregard this. The video is from the 2011 St. Louis reunion featuring Linck Grush, Vic Tatelman, Quentin Stambaugh, George Givens, Don Wagner, Bear Britt, Diane Daker, Ken Haller and Ben Miller. There are several 345th BG subject videos on YouTube. Just type in "345th Bomb Group" and they will show up.


Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YgrCvXLv-c

Kelly McNichols

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