Imputs from Ben Muller
Here we are on a cold very windy day at Ellington Field Jan 6 2004. Jack Landon, Me and Mike 'Talon' Abajian. Jack was in Houston visiting family and is from Clovis NM. He is a former pilot of mine. Neat guy. Talon is one of the pilots of Tondelayo. Jack and Talon sat up in the cockpit it seems for an hour hanger flying and fighting the war again. The canopy was covered by a tarp all this time. That did not bother them! Talon was gracious enough to come down from his home north of Houston to let us in to see the ship.

Pensive Resting is a model that Talon made and gave me. 888, that was my plane which is now in the bottom of the deep blue sea. See the oil spot under the engine?

Pensive Model.jpg
Pensive on the ramp

Tondelayo. jpg
Jack, Ben, and Talon

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