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Updated 28 Apr., 2003
345th Group Camp at Biak
Group Head Quartes Sign at Clark Field
Awards Ceremony at San Marcelino
Jock Juggler
Japanese wrecks at Lae New Guiniea
Aireal view of Kavigng New Ireland
Moresby Wreck
500th Armament Section
BedRoom Comando.jpg
Flying Formation 500thBS leading.jpg
Laundry Port Moresby New Guinea
Show area at Port Moresby
Dropping the Kitchen Sink
Jim Hiner 29 April 1945
Lester W. Lanning  29 April 1945
John E. Schoettner  29 April 1945
Marvin J. Pallister  29 April 1945
Laundry Crew
Robert Gerhardt
Capt Clark Gable AKA  Bill Cavoli
Sign for a lost buddy.jpg
Our Tent.jpg
Waiting to go HOME. jpg
Open Air Movie.jpg
Road to the Chapel.jpg
The Chapel.jpg
Peter J. Luciano.jpg
Armament section and Betty Bomber.jpg
Surrender Bettys.jpg
Loading Ship.jpg
Loading Ship.jpg
Ernie Pyle Monument.jpg
Armament Officers.jpg
Working Group.,jpg
Ostroot & Williams.jpg
Nicholas J. Crago.jpg
John Keenam and buddy.jpg
Keith Doughtery.jpg
Enlisted Mens Club.jpg
Jess Shock.jpg
Morton C. Maish.jpg
Morton C. Maish.jpg
Mickey Pavkovich.jpg
Mickey Pavkovich.jpg
500th at Port Moresby.jpg
And some had Pets.jpg
Bondi Beacht.jpg
James Hiner.jpg
O'Farrell & Stewart.jpg
Dotzal - Ryerson - Wilson - Luciano - Ostroot.jpg
O'Shell - McKibbin - Chandler -  Price.jpg
Routh Raiders Sign.jpg
Lacy Hall Crew.jpg
Lacy Hall and Friendjpg
lacy hall.jpg
Lacy Hall.jpg
Lacy Hall.jpg
Lt Bardwell.jpg
Lt Bardwell in flight.jpg
Margie Bardwell.jpg
Lt Loyd Bardwell.jpg
Planes and Crewmembers.jpg
345th being updated.jpg
Bruce Treadwell
LTC John Back

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