Photos of Bruce Tredway sumitted by Ron Tredway.

Bruce Tredway

Bruce Tredway's crew
Bruce center rear, Gerald Paquette front right

Nandi Bay

Taken as passed Wakde after bombing the strip.
The plane in the picture is squadron leader's "Pannel Job"
This picture taken from my plane.

Harlan, Ran across this one in Mom's old letters. Apparently Bruce sent it to her in the mail..
Pretty sure this was the mission that Cavoli was shot down on...
Had a censor stamp on the back along with a note that read:

"Over a Jap Corvette at Kaviang. If you can look close you see the bomb that did the business, mark up one for the
Rough Raiders.
That was a rough one, I am still sweating!  We had just gone over the ship to get at a transport..we got it!
Look at the little buggers hide, altho you can see the guns firing"!
Best wishes..Ron

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