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26 Mar., 2013

A new page has been added, it is the BOLD VENTURE MEMORIAL.  Click here to enter it:   BOLD VENTURE MEMORIAL

19 Mar., 2013

Thanks to Chris Jensen McWilliams and Bob Jensen Pearson for the work they have done on this subject.  The following link will take you to the video which is well worth watching.

500th Bomb Sq Prayer at Bold Venture crash site (Shannon McWilliams, Toby Brown speaking) at URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoM3H7mzmj0&sns=em

Thanks again Chris and Bob.

15 Jan., 2013

This appears to be the listing of crews when the 500th BS left Columbia heading to Walterboro!

5 Nov, 2011

Here is an Excel file listing all the 345th burials at National and Military Cemeteries. The gentleman who compiled it said that we could use it on both the 345th and 500th websites.  He only wanted a link to his email for credit.  Randy Watkins is the gentleman.  Email is: rwatkins@htc.net.

Click here to down load the Microsoft Excel File 

Our thanks to Kelly McNichols for obtaining this file from Randy Watkins who spent a lot of time researching and developing it.
Thanks guys.

5 Feb, 2011

To down load a Word Doc File containing  websites which have information for VETS services and and assistance.
click here   VET INFO.DOC

22 May, 2006

In Honor of Daddy Benjamin  T. Muller

Just a young man going off to war,
Not knowing what to expect..
Being on B25 bomber airplane,
Operating the radio.
Suddenly shot down by the Japanese,
Being on fire, he chose to get out of plane.
Becoming a POW,
Watching his comrades dying around him.
Not knowing whether he would get killed or not
They were put in tiny cells,
Not getting enough to eat,
They were spit at, ridicle at, made fun at,
Treating them with no dignity.
Sick with wounds undoctored,
Loosing a lot of weight.
He saw the American flag,
What joy he felt!
The war was over,.
Thank you for fighting for our freedom!
It is not taken for granted!

By your daughter,
Kathleen Muller

27 Nov., 2005

Here are the words to the fighting 500th song book.  These songs have been put into a MicroSoft Word .Doc file by Marith Reheis.  We thank her for the hard work and efforts to keep the memories alive.  To down load the file just click on the link below.

Down Load the Words to the Rough Raider Songbook

23 Feb., 2004


Thanks to the Collings Foundation, a re-born Tondelayo has been flying the U.S. skies since August of 2002.

Earlier, the Foundation had their B-25 (Hoosier Honey) repainted with our 500th Squadron markings, including re-naming the aircraft with our original Tondelayo nose art. Thanks to their kindness, the story of our squadron's most famous B-25 will in a way be perpetuated as the aircraft graces the skies in years to come.

The Collings Foundation has asked for our help in the purchase of a set of bomb racks for Tondelayo which will cost $4,000. It is against our Association's policy to make such donations. Even if this policy did not exist, we just don't have funds to make such a donation.

In view of the foregoing, we are making all of this known to our Association membership in the event that there are individuals who would like to make their individual donations toward the purchase of the bomb racks.

If you wish, you may make your individual, tax deductible, donation (payable to the Collings Foundation) and send it directly to the following address: The Collings Foundation, P.O. Box 248, 137 Barton Road, Stow, MA 01775.

Together with your donation, please identify yourself as a member of the 500th Squadron Association, Please do NOT make your check payable to the 500th Association, nor should you send your donation to our Association. Any donation made is strictly an individual one directly to the Collings Foundation.

Many thanks for any individual donations made.

22 Aug., 2002
Thanks to the Collings Foundation, their B-25 (formerly "Hoosier Honey")  has been repainted with the markings of the 500th Squadron and re-named Tondelayo. For details, log onto http://www.collingsfoundation.org

Photos by way of the Collings Foundation





9 Jan., 2016
The Warbird needs HELP

I have a special request for anyone with any knowledge of what may have happened to the enlisted members of this crew.  It's believed they were captured and interned at Wewak prison, but this has not been confirmed.  The Officers 1st Lt. Stookey, and 2nd Lt. Evans were executed near the end of the war.  Their remains, along with some 15 other American and Australian airmen, were interred at Jefferson Barracks Missouri.  If you have any information as to the fate of the others  Please E-Mail The Warbird at HHATFIELD@SUREWEST.NET Thank you!!

Lt. Stookeys Crew
Back Row:   BAKER,           2Lt. EVANS,    1Lt. STOOKEY 
Sitting:      DWYER,   SSgt ROBERTS,        SSgt. LAIRD 
Ship #561 Stookey and Crew down OCT 16,1943
 Ship # 41-30561 after it was shot down off Wewak  on 
16 October, 1943.  The crew were seen later in the raft.

Memorial to executed officers at Jefferson Barracks
This shows a portion of the marker at Jefferson Barracks where the officers are interred.

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