Information and photo furnished by Malcolm Lewis

The caption the Facebook page said the picture was taken in the US Airforce workshop Eagle Farm which is in Brisbane. It was a major airbase in the pacific war.
It looks the plane had a nose wheel failure. Perhaps the starboard wing was damaged as well requiring replacement.
Perhaps the glass nose was replaced at the time with the strafing nose . I understand this was a local innovation that went from the field to the factory.

Cheers Malcolm

SNAFU a B-25D-1 S/N 41-30054 Was shot down on October 18, 1943.
SNAFU downing story:

After a successful attack on shipping at Vunapope, New Britain B-25-d-1 #41-30054 and it’s two wingmen engaged a large force of Japanese fighters in an 80 minute running air battle down the New Britain coast.  SNAFU’s turret gunner, Sgt. Henderson, shot down four Japanese fighters and claimed two more probables in the fight which claimed one of the B-25s and badly damaged the other.  SNAFU finally caught fire in the radio compartment and Capt. Anacker made a good water landing near Cape Kwoi.  Four crewmen escaped before the plane sank.  Hardy died in the water from wounds received during the air battle and Anacker apparently drowned.,. Lt. Migliacci and Sgt. Henderson made it to shore and through friendly natives eventually reached and Australian Coast Watch Station.  Shortly thereafter they were forced to take to the bush with the members of the Coast Watch team and they hid out in the interior of New Britain until shortly before they were picked up by a PT boat on March 26, 1944.

Anacker, Capt, Lyle E.        Pilot
Koenig, 2/Lt. David E          Co-pilot
Hardy, S/Sgt. George M.,    Jr Eng-Gunner
Svec, S/Sgt. Millard             Radio-Gunner.

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