The note which accompanied the photos.
Here are some shots taken from our B-25 this weekend while flying around Muskegon, MI. Also included is a shot of my myself with Joe Mallard, 500th navigator.

I took my Dad (LTC Joe Mallard) to the Muskegon, Mich. airshow, on Saturday to see Tondelayo. The good folk there gave my Dad VIP treatment and he (and I) had a great time. We ended up staying over nine hours there talking to the crew and the public, and enjoying the show. Dad was even interviewed by the local newspaper. We brought Dad's original A-2 jacket as well as photos and documents, and the crew enjoyed checking it all out. I'm sure Dad will contact you soon with all the details and photos. Thanks a lot for sending Tondelayo's schedule! We definitely recommend that other Rough Raiders, their family, and friends see this bird. The Collings Foundation has done an excellent job and are great people. Contact Doug Birkey at the Foundation and let them know you are coming, and they will roll out the red carpet.

Best Regards,
John Mallard

PS. My brother Ron is working on getting the B-25 'Tootsie' available for the Reno convention. Unfortunately Tondelayo's air show schedule keeps her from attending there.

Mallard and Collings and Tondelayo.jpg
Now is this Happy Faces ??

Putting Tondelayo to bed for the night!

View of #1.jpg

View of #1 in flight

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