Photos from Nowadays!

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Last updated  2 October, 2010

Jean Peterson.jpg
A Stan Muniz Painting
345th Group Monument.jpg
345th Group Monument.jpg
Bob Van Ausdell
Claude Burnett.jpg
Jay Albright.jpb
Claude Burnett & Tom Seery.jpg
Eugene Lowry.jpg
B25's Fly by our paddle wheeler.jpg
Mary Jo (Anacker) Scott
C & N Corenish & Bing Daker
Jean Peterson family.jpg
Carol M. Peterson and Bing Daker.jpg
Dakers ship is down
Tondelayo Flys pics.jpg
Cory and Lynn Daker
Lynn Daker Skiing at age 70
Lynn Daker at age 80
Mallard and Collings.jpg
Ben Mullers Page
Townsville Australia
Townsville C47 Crash Memorial
Dan Wades Warbird.jpg
Lynn Flys again.jpg
Leroy Hughes.jpg


If you have any photos which you would like to share with us, both of the time in the Pacific, reunions, or any others,  please let the Warbird know so he can make arrangements to get them scanned and posted by clicking here.   Mail To the Webmaster

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