Bill Caputo's Photos
by way of Ray Caputo

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Bill Caputo at Luzon 1944

The picture is of my Uncle William (Bill) Caputo he was a 'flight engineer'  with 500th it is of him him leaving camp in Luzon in 1944 for 10-days R&R. My Uncle died in March of 2001 after having a massive heart attack in his sleep.  Uncle Billy was basically a second father to me and my siblings and though I moved away from Long Island, NY (where he lived) after college (16 years ago) Uncle Billy and I saw each other and spoke when ever we could.  He spoke of his days in the 500th Bomb Sqdn often to us kids but not to many others I found out after his passing.  The guys from the American Legion hall could not believe where he had been and what you guys went through when they read his service record in preparing for the funeral as he never really spoke in detail or "bragged" about his experience.

After the war he lived in his hometown of Jamaica, Queens NY eventually he started working for Grumman Aerospace on Long Island and started the extended family move from Queens to North Bellmore on Long Island.  He worked on the Apollo rocket program and was part of the very large team that help land man on the moon.  He retired from Grumman's in the late 80's.  Even though he never married he was very involved in local and national Little League Baseball for years; he was as our coach and mentor during our baseball lives.  He worked part time for the NY Mets creating a night to celebrate Fireman long before it became fashionable.  He spend his last years working with one of his brothers doing small landscaping jobs (creating outdoor ponds with fountains) for fun and a little money too.

Raymond Caputo
Arlington Virginia

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