Corporal Edward George Elwell SR.



My name is Bill Elwell. I am the grandson of 500th mechanic Corporal Edward George Elwell, Sr. I am writing to see if any information is known about or can be gathered about my grandfather. He passed away in 1989, a good seven years before I was born. Unfortunately, he took almost all of his war experiences with him. He didn't tell much to my grandmother or my father, and not much information was gathered from going to 345th reunions. All I have left from his wartime experiences are his dress uniform (which I fit into and am in the process of replacing missing pieces) and two dozen or so pictures, all hanging in my bedroom. I am an avid World War II enthusiast, and I have looked almost everywhere to try and find any sort of information on him. Being a mechanic doesn't help very much, as almost all information I can muster is about pilots of the squadron. This is probably a wild goose chase, as I have heard from my grandmother that most of his war buddies have unfortunately passed on as well, but I was hoping to see if I could gather any information whatsoever about his war experiences. Stories, pictures, you name it. If it helps, I have pictures of him running up the engines on B25's Pannell Job, Lady Lil, Bedroom Commando, Rita's Wagon, Tondelayo, and a single B25 without a name. From what I am told, he was with the 500th from it's conception at Columbia AAF until the end of the war. If it is at all possible for you to get the word out of my search, such as a blurb in the Strafer, that would be beyond appreciated. I can't attend any reunions, as my marching band schedule and lack of money prohibit that, so any information that could be send would be a Godsend. I'm sure you must get emails not unlike this one often.

Thank you again,

Bill Elwell

 2309 Bennett Avenue, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

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