Members of the 500th at the 345th Group reunion held Sept. 1992, in Columbus Ohio.
1992 Reunion.jpg
by way of Bill Cavoli

Seated L to R:  Bill Frederick, Herman Reheis, Raymond Hekl, Al Skeets, Russel Craig, Robert Britt, Ed Hicko

1st row standing L to R:  Lynn Daker, Horton Stewart, Jim Hiner, Fred Fieder, Don Goehring, Don Williams, Sid Strassheim, Tal Epps, Aldoph Luhta

2nd row standing L to R:  Nelson Pergoy, Ron Armitage, Gene Lowrey, Bob Bynum, Jerry Fitton, Bob Walker, Bill Hecox

3rd row standing L to R:  J. W. Albright, George Sprowles, Marvin Leventon, George Fleury

Back Row Standing:  Al Waldheim, Bob Haas, Stewart Malquist, Pete Luciano, Bill Cavoli, Ben Muller, Ken Stufflebeam, Larry Hanna, Bud Stratton

Attended reunion but not in photograph:  Sam Bennett and Jesse Wright

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